TrustLogics signs Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Government of the Republic of Suriname.

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The MOU outlines the partnership between TrustLogics and The Government of The Republic of Suriname with the purpose of improving the job hiring and recruiting processes for all jobseekers and students of Suriname. Additionally, the Government of Suriname through its official channels such as the Departments of Labor, Education, Economic development and others, will encourage government owned and private companies to register with TrustLogics, and will create awareness in the country of and TrustLogics Mobile App for the benefit of jobseekers and students of Suriname. Plans will be implemented with goals of achieving better performance from the current hiring and recruiting processes, and will specifically focus on eliminating inefficiencies, lowering the cost of recruiting, and thus providing equal opportunities for all jobseekers. The objective of this partnership is to support the ongoing economic development of Suriname, by streamlining the job market, thus helping to lower the unemployment rate.

About Suriname:

Suriname is a country on the northeastern coast of South America with a population of more than 560,000, and a GDP of 6 Billion Dollars (2016).

About TrustLogics:

TrustLogics is a “Patent Pending” disruptive web and mobile platform that makes it possible for job seekers, recruiters, and businesses globally to communicate more effectively by sharing verified data. It provides for the highest level of confidence during prescreening, and presents a new standard for the employment market. Users create data blocks and define their own rules through the TrustLogics global information gateway that is powered by Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies. For the job seeker, the creation of a TrustLogics account means a one-time input of basic bio details and job history. More dynamic information such as academic qualifications, background checks, and professional registrations need only be verified and kept current, reducing time and cost to the job seeker. Job seekers will use their private job network connections to show their job history, without the need to repeat inefficient repetitive processes in the future when changing or searching for jobs. TrustLogics gives recruiters the ability to immediately verify the availability of a candidate, in real-time, before any work is undertaken to vet and contact the candidate. Once it has been established that a candidate is available for work, the recruiter can begin to assess the suitability of the candidate based on accurate and updated pre-screened information, such as education, work history, and other details.

Contact us using and checkout the TrustLogics Android Mobile App, and the TrustLogics IOS Mobile App.

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