5 foundations of a compelling virtual candidate experience!

5 foundations of a compelling virtual candidate experience!

Are you a recruiter looking for steps to enhance online interviewing? The year 2020 saw an uprising in remote interviews. Even today, everyone is new to the virtual hiring environment. The onboarding of a new hire is a crucial decision for the hiring manager. Unlike the traditional recruitment process, the virtual interview is a time-efficient way of finding the right candidate. The answer to improving an online interview process is to prioritise candidates’ experiences.

Enhancing the virtual interview candidate experience is the best way to protect your employer brand. It is important to implement a positive candidate experience throughout the steps of the recruitment process. The virtual hiring process is incomplete without the initial application process. Recruiters should make sure that the candidate finds it convenient to reach out to them.

How to achieve a positive candidate experience?

Candidates usually look for a hassle-free and easy way to finish the application process. With the advancement of technology, recruiters are using best practices to avail the benefits of recruitment applications. TrustLogics is one such prominent online job portal where recruiters can easily connect and network with potential candidates. TrustLogics uses background checks and allows recruiters to interact with verified candidates only.

A successful employer brand is possible when hiring managers make use of social media advertising and promotions too. The virtual hiring process has opened doors for everyone around the world. With an increase in job seekers, there is also competition. New and exciting job roles can bring candidates to your company but do you know how to make candidates experience worthy? Let’s find out the top 5 foundations of a compelling virtual candidate experience:

1.Don’t keep candidates waiting

Did you know job seekers rank employer responsiveness as the most important when it comes to candidate experience? The best way to attract and retain the right candidates is by clear and consistent communication.

2.Use technology to your advantage

The right technology can speed up the recruitment process. Ensuring the application process runs smoothly is important. Employers can make use of artificial intelligence and automation too.

3.Survey tools

Gathering feedback from candidates is used as a common HR tool. If you are looking to make the recruitment process better then go for survey tools. A questionnaire describing job requirements and responsibilities can help recruiters understand the likes of candidates.

4.Social media

Employer branding always plays a key role in improving online interviewing. Social media is the best way to attract potential candidates. Social media channels can boost and facilitate an increase in candidates’ interactions.

5.Keep it exciting

Keeping candidates excited about your company is a top priority. Having the word put out to the world about your organization can help you get the right candidates.

The virtual hiring process can be challenging but keep your focus and stay confident. Employers should also talk to candidates about their company achievements and work culture to keep them interested. Taking honest feedback from candidates can help you better your recruitment process next time.

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