5 Hiring Strategies to attract Top job seekers in 2020

5 Hiring Strategies to attract Top job seekers in 2020

Does your recruitment strategy boil down to the old way of posting a job ad, staring at your screen, and waiting for responses from candidates? Get rid of these boring methods and try new approaches that are proven to be double times effective in grabbing more eyeballs. It’s 2020 and the best time to invest in smart choices and attract quality results.

How has the recruitment process changed?   
This year has been a crucial deciding factor in the unplanned shift of many occurring processes, one of which was the campus recruitment process. The traditional campus recruiting process now seems tiresome and time-consuming, after the world and especially recruiters were introduced to the online digital recruitment means. The arrival of virtual job fairs has transformed the process into a whole different ball game.

An opportunity for companies to draw more engagement with candidates on a global level. The main advantage is that recruiters can now build a reputation and a strong connection with potential candidates. The virtual hiring process seems to have a long way in the coming years.

What are job seekers looking for?
Job seekers are essentially looking for an interactive, engaging, and informative recruitment drive that bears fruit if not in their selection but in developing a wider professional network. Recruiters are always looking for unique ways to maintain their lead in the recruitment competition and to hire the best candidates for their company. The need for posting jobs that stand out is necessary as job seekers dive into new trending job profiles. Job seekers also view virtual hiring portals as an eye of the tunnel, in reference to professional development opportunities.

Top 5 Hiring strategies you need
An employee referral program
Setting up an employee referral program can encourage all your employees to bring out the best talent on board. This creates a win-win situation on both sides. A well-developed employee referral program, providing incentives for referrals with bonuses, to create excitement and have a smooth recruitment run.

Social media is your golden key
Social media is the best recruitment tool by all means. Higher engagement, higher sharing spread, better results. Of course, quantitatively, social media has a global reach and provides an edge to build a global connection. Any company can showcase their work environment and give a broader picture to job seekers about its professional front.

Eye-catchy job descriptions
The more creative you get on the variety of jobs, the more likely you are to bring the right candidates to fill the seats. Make it unique but keep the title as specific as possible and obviously, the descriptions must be short and crisp.

The basic rule: 

Draw a captivating picture around the job to make it more attractive and catch faster results, always works!

Start Internship programs
Yes, A BIG THUMBS UP! Offer internship programs and grab more heads towards your recruitment door. The positive nature of this approach is to pool in candidates first and then access them based on performance, a big good-bye to the long hiring process.

Talent hunts always Help!
Organize online talent hunt programs and watch candidates from different streams rushing in. The most passionate candidates, quickly stand-out.

Talent hunts are inspiring and a performance booster for many. Yes, competition is unavoidable but healthy competition creates the best stroke. The online job platform TrustLogics offers an excellent opportunity to recruiters to meet motivated professionals who are eager to network and advance in their field.

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