5 HR and recruiting metrics you should be tracking!

Learn why HR managers should judiciously track recruitment metrics to make effective hiring decisions!

This is one of the top recruitment metrics you should track! To conduct a better recruitment process, employers should keep track on:

How engaged are your candidates in your recruiting process?
How satisfied are your candidates with your overall recruiting process?

1.Career site metrics

How many people visit your career site? It is important to track career site metrics for various reasons. The use of targeted keywords can help you gain organic traffic and interact with potential candidates easily. For a successful hiring process, employers must choose a trusted online recruitment platform like TrustLogics.

2.Employee satisfaction metrics

To improve employee retention rate, hiring managers should keep track of employee performance, consistency, expectancy and compatibility with the company’s work environment. Whenever you start the recruitment process, ask questions like:

How long does the new employee stay at your company?
What is the percentage of employees that leave your company in a certain period of time?

3.Cost per hire

One of the common hiring methods and practices is to calculate the cost per hire. How much money do you spend to fill a job position once you have candidates in your hiring pipeline? It is very important to understand spending’s when it comes to employee selection and onboarding.

4.Source of the best hire

If you are an employer and want to know the best source of hire, ask yourself questions like:

Where do your candidates first find out about your job opening?
Which platform provides the most of your best applicants?

When it comes to the hiring process, go for trusted and verified candidates only. TrustLogics  is a prominent online recruitment platform that helps recruiters and job seekers interact with each other. Employers can be sure to find trusted candidates with TrustLogics! They use background checks to help employers save time and money.

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