5 Methods to shortlist candidates for a perfect hire

Top Methods to shortlist candidates for a perfect hire

HR managers don’t have it as easy as we think they do. Shortlisting a potential candidate from a large pool of candidates is a time-consuming process. But what if we told you we had easier steps to complete this process? Recruiters build a shortlisting strategy to screen candidates without must of a delay. The need for an efficient recruitment strategy is to help streamline the hiring process and bring out the best in candidates. There are may sub-steps included in the hiring process, like reviewing resumes, shortlisting candidates and conducting interviews for the actual hire. The main reason to adopt an efficient recruitment strategy is to compare candidates under the same radar. Companies that neglect the value of a good hiring process will forever say that recruiting is a time-consuming act. To meet the challenges of a hiring process companies can make use of some useful methods given below. Hiring new candidates each time has a similar process.

Have a look:

1.Personality Test

Candidates have diverse personality traits. The need for a personality test is important to fit into the workplace diversity. Building a team needs good compatible team players. It is important to compare candidates to your current employees to ascertain compatibility. Recruiters must remember to check individual goals and area of expertise before taking the final call. A new employee should know about company culture for a better understanding of job requirements and job responsibilities. To hire a flexible candidate, a personality test is necessary.

2.Essential skills

Recruiters look for some basic skills that are required for the job profile. Usually, it is mandatory to screen candidates based on essential skills set requirements. To help you make a rational decision, making a checklist of different job requirements and qualities can help. Some of the skills are quite common among many candidates. To look for a potential candidate, it is important to look for essential and most preferred attributes to fit the job profile.

3.Make categories

A simpler method can be used as a shortlisting strategy. When it’s time-to-hire remember to breakdown the process into categories. Do not eliminate potential candidates with essential attributes. The best way to screen candidates is to work on a strategic and well-formatted checklist with subcategories. This method is used for the elimination of the candidates who do not fit in any subcategories. A higher level of the checklist can be then prepared to eliminate the last group of candidates.

4.Be Spontaneous

Lastly, trust in your instincts. Sometimes a potential candidate might not fit into the categories listed by you. In such cases, the recruiter needs to analyze and sense the potential. To compare candidates in a way that shows their interest, the scope of learning and their skills as a team player is also important. Recruiters sometimes have to do mind-reading to carefully judge and think of long-term sustainability of the candidate in a diverse work environment.

For any successful business, hiring the right people is crucial for future growth. The modern recruitment process has a massive volume of applicants pouring from all around the world. In such situations, trusted platforms like, TrustLogics, can give your company an upper hand in connecting with potential candidates instantly.

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