5 must-ask interview questions for freshers/new graduates

5 must-ask interview questions for freshers/new graduates

The recruitment process has shifted to remote hiring after the pandemic. Hiring managers are coming up with new job interviewing techniques with each passing day. Online job interviews are new for every job seekers and recruiters. Fresher’s like college graduates have no idea how to deal with a tricky job interview question.

We can help you find the best way to answer some common interview questions. Recruiters can ask more than job-specific questions sometimes. Every online job interview is different from the other, but there are some must-ask interview questions all hiring managers ask.

How do employers look for potential candidates in fresher’s?
Wouldn’t it be great if you knew the interview questions for fresher’s? Well-prepared and confident candidates are more likely to bag the job. By preparing yourself, you feel more relaxed about the questions in job interviews. The shift from the traditional hiring process to the new digital recruitment process has seen several online recruitment platforms come into action. New online portals have played a major role in generating candidate sources for employers. With online recruitment tools and techniques, it is easier to streamline virtual hiring, maintain candidate profiles and filter potential candidates.

What are some of the fresher interview questions and answers?
Before the personal interviews, there are some fresher interview questions and answers you should learn. When it comes to college graduates, unaware of the job interviewing process, recruiters might ask some challenging questions. Here are quick tips for fresher’s interview questions:

1.Tell about yourself

This is one of the most common interview questions, to start with. And the best way to answer this common question is to be simple, positive and mention your strengths and experiences. Highlight your highest qualification and mention your hobbies too.

2.What are your key strengths?

Interview questions for fresher’s are meant to challenge their confidence. Candidates should be well aware of their strengths and weaknesses beforehand.

3.Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Knowing your career goal shows your commitment to an organization. As a fresher, make sure to be precise about how you are confident about this job and your association with the company from a long-term perspective.

4.Why should we hire you?

The main intention of the recruiters behind this question is to understand which quality of yours can be beneficial for the company. Since you are a fresher, you cannot explicitly highlight your expertise in a particular domain. To avoid it being a tricky job interview question, you need to have apt knowledge about the company and what qualities it requires its employees to possess.

5.Salary expectations

This question is directed to look like a tricky job interview question but isn’t. For college graduates, the first salary is always exciting but when asked this question in job interviews, candidates should be reasonable and not have unrealistic expectations.

For an employer, flexibility to adapt new changes into the hiring process is important. Companies hire candidates keeping long-term relationships in mind. Employers look for trusted candidates and TrustLogics is a platform that verifies candidates beforehand. Now recruiters can have personal interviews with verified candidates only.

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