5 online recruitment tools every hiring manager needs

5 online recruitment tools every hiring manager needs

The online recruitment process has been in the highest demand during 2020 and continues to do so. Employers have been shelling out huge amounts of money on job listings, virtual interviews and online campaigns. Finding the right candidate for a job, enhancing candidate experience and building a professional network have been some of the fundamentals of recruitment. The best way to conduct a productive and cost-effective online recruitment process is by using recruitment tools and techniques.

What can online recruitment tools do?
Recruiters use an online recruitment tool to build an online professional network and to maintain a consistent relationship with potential candidates. Social media has helped recruiters aim for a global pool of candidates. The shift from traditional hiring processes to the new digital recruitment process has seen several online recruitment platforms come into action. After the recruitment process, the next step is onboarding and training. Hiring the perfect candidate is only possible using the best recruitment tools.

Why online recruitment tools?
Every time employers resume recruitment for the next session, searching for a trending recruitment tool becomes important. New online job portals have played a major role in generating candidate sources for employers. With online recruitment tools and techniques, maintaining candidate profiles and filtering potential candidates has become easier. For an employer, flexibility to adapt new changes into the hiring process is important. Companies hire candidates keeping long-term relationships in mind. Networking with the right people and building a good employer brand is also essential. To help streamline the process of hiring, there are many recruitment tools available.

Have a look at the popular online recruitment tools every hiring manager needs:

1.Job aggregators

Many popular social networking sites offer a broad range of candidate sources. Companies use promotional campaigns to attract potential candidates. The job role specifics are mentioned as per the company’s hiring policy.


When we talk about automation, AI and Chatbots come to our minds. A recruitment chatbot can help respond to the potential hire during off-hours. Chatbots can be used to build an online professional network with job seekers. It helps interact and communicate with many candidates at any given time. Based on your customisation and pricing there are many recruitment chatbots available.

3.Testing and Assessment

There are recruitment tools available that test the candidate’s ability during the hiring process.

4.Recruitment CRM

The relationship-building tools can help fulfil the fundamentals of recruitment and build an online professional network with potential candidates.

5.Application Tracking software

This type of recruitment tool acts as a database assistant to recruiters in talent acquisition. Online recruitment platforms like TrustLogics help recruiters by sending verified candidates for the hiring process. Potential candidates are first tested and verified before the employers interview them. By doing this, recruiters can maintain the details of candidates and conduct a hassle-free recruitment drive.

Online recruitment platforms can bridge the gap between employer and candidate. Online portals like TrustLogics has helped establish a faster recruitment process by streamlining the background check process. Get connected with TrustLogics to learn more about it. The best recruitment process starts with timely candidate sourcing.

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