5 Reasons Why Job Seekers Should Get Their Profile Verified Now!

5 Reasons Why Job Seekers Should Get Their Profile Verified Now!

The duration between uploading your resume on the job boards and getting the first interview call might feel like an eternity. This seemingly long delay is the result of a few important reasons. You might have mentioned all the required skill-sets on your CV for the new job, but that’s not enough. Your work, education history and personal information are also taken into account by your future employers. The authenticity of those details is equally important in considering your candidature for the job role.

Online job portals usually come with some parameter that reflects whether your profile is verified or not. For getting the status of a verified profile, you need to mention each and every crucial detail discussed earlier in your job seeking account. Wondering how profile verification  can enhance the speed of your job search? The following reasons will give you an insight into the importance of this step.

Presents the eligibility of the fresh graduates for the job role

For most of the entry-level jobs in reputed organizations, you need to have a bachelor’s degree. Sometimes, they even consider the scores of a few grades for the job vacancies. Because of these factors, every job portal has a section which comprises the fields that requests the complete information on your education background.

Thus giving the accurate details of academic performance in school and college on your profile will instantly bring you into the radar of “eligible-candidate” for the recruiters. And next thing you know that you are attending an interview for your first ever job!

Showcases of the work experience of the job-seeker

There are a plethora of job roles that require different work experience. For some of them, the minimal experience is the prerequisite. And for others, expert-level knowledge is the demand. The work experience section in the job sites in India shows if the job seeker has the required professionalism for the role. In addition to the organizations that one has worked for, it also lists their relevant technical skills. So, when you share your details in this particular section, the chances of getting noticed by the recruiter increases multitude times.

Verified contact details of the job seeker matter a lot

After the recruiter goes through your profile on any of the online job sites in India, the next thing they will do is reach out to you. For this purpose, they would need your contact details. And that’s where the verified status of your profile plays its key role! With your updated email address and contact number mentioned, you are just an email or call away from attending an interview. So in the absence of this vital information, you will not be able to hear out from the recruiters. As a result, you would be missing out the job opportunities.

Provides you with an upper hand in the job hunt

You might have uploaded a killer CV on the career portals, but without the verification-mark on your profile, your efforts would be incomplete. While shortlisting the resumes, recruiters would go for the profiles that are verified. These profiles get priority over other non-verified accounts and are observed as a perfect fit for the job opening. Having said that, if you haven’t got your profile verified yet, get it done in a few simple steps and get ahead in the process of job hunting.

It gives a trustworthy outlook to your profile

Considering the factors that make up the verified profile, automatically it becomes a symbol of trust. So, verify all the details and let a verified icon flashing in front of your profile! Without a second doubt, in this process of job recruitment, your resume will attract every recruiter’s attention. In this way, your dream of bagging the next job can now be achieved at a much faster pace.

Make your online job search easier!

Yes, filling up all of your professional and personal details in your job seeker’s account might not be the most interesting task. But think of this as an investment. Spare your precious few minutes for the purpose and you will see the rewards for yourself! In case you too are searching for a job, then get started with TrustLogics. It is the best job portal in India that offers such as a unique 10-digit resume ID, verified profiles, professional networking and much more!

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