5 recruiting tools for setting up an HR department

5 recruiting tools for setting up an HR department

The best way to streamline the hiring process is to optimise the use of recruitment tools and techniques. The main focus is to hire the best candidates for the jobs. After being hit by the global pandemic, recruitment has faced many challenges and resorted to the virtual hiring process. Recruiters were finding it difficult to connect with candidates on a large scale using the standard HR processes

But with the arrival of the online HR recruitment process, many career job portals have made it easier for recruiters to network and communicate with potential job seekers. The recruitment approach for companies for many years had been haphazard, leading to loss of productivity. The major challenge for recruiters has been to adapt to better selection tools for the recruitment process. 

How will the role of the HR department be benefitted? 

For an employer, flexibility to adapt new changes into the hiring process is important. Companies hire candidates keeping long-term relationships in mind. Networking with the right people and building a good employer brand is also essential. Online portals like TrustLogics has helped establish a faster HR recruitment process by streamlining the background check process using candidate pre-selection tool. The recruiters will interact with the verified candidates only. Get connected with TrustLogics to learn more about it. The modern tools can bridge the gap between employer and candidate and help employers find talented professionals faster. 

How will recruitment tools shape the HR recruitment process?

The human resource departments can use recruitment tools and techniques to attract their dream candidate and to maintain a consistent relationship with potential candidates. After the hiring process, the next step is onboarding and training. Employers have been shelling out huge amounts of money on job listings, virtual interviews, and online campaigns. 


The best way to conduct a productive and cost-effective HR recruitment process is by using tools like application tracking software to ease the initial application process and more. New online portals have played a major role in generating candidate sources for employers. With the new recruitment tools and techniques, maintaining candidate profiles and filtering potential candidates have become easier. The human resources management tools also bring flexibility in conducting staffing and recruitment. 

  1. Use an applicant tracking system.

Recruiters now don’t have to keep a track of the entire pool of candidates because smart and intelligent software will do it for you. Instead of having a huge stack of applications, TrustLogics helps segregate the talented candidates. 

      2. Come up with an attractive job description.

Having an appealing job description and engaging communication with candidates can do wonders for your employer’s brand. 

      3.Engage candidates with mobility. 

Forget the standard HR processes and adapt to the new digitized approach. Employers have to be quick and responsive online to interact with candidates. 

     4.Interact with verified candidates.

With the use of candidate preselection tool to conduct the background check process, TrustLogics brings verified candidates for the HR recruitment process.

     5. Network with potential candidates.

Networking with talented candidates is possible with the right selection tools for the recruitment like TrustLogics. 


Human resource departments plan to save time, money and improve candidate experience with new human resource management tools. Conduction of the staffing and recruitment processes need to be focussed, analytical, less time consuming, and interactive. 


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