5 Red flags to check when interviewing candidates online

5 red flags to check when interviewing candidates online

Recruiters are always hunting for the perfect candidate to fit an open position. The one recurring thought among recruiters is if they can fully understand the candidate after just one interview? Probably not! But today, we are going to learn about some obvious red flags that hiring managers should look out for during the candidate selection process. Recruiters must always make sure to come prepared with an interview checklist before interviewing candidates. Knowing about online interview red flags can save employers from a bad hire!

How did online interviewing change the recruitment process?
With the beginning of a new online job interview selection process, hiring managers upgraded their tech-savvy skills. Most job seekers during job interviews online are on their best behavior. Recruiters should be aware and pay more attention to the interview checklist. The change in recruitment last year has online interviews in great demand.

Employers make use of video interviews to select the best candidates. The definition of a job interview has become the use of technology, virtual interactions and remote communication. Be it a traditional interview or a virtual job interview, bad hires always find loopholes and get hired. Make use of some of our best online interviewing tips to understand the red flags better.

5 red flags to watch out for in candidates during online interviews:

1.Late for the job interview online

When interviewing candidates remotely, make sure to identify this red flag. A candidate who is late for job interviews online is not a strong planner and a professional. This could also mean that the candidate would be late for client meetings in the future. During the candidate selection process, employers must beware of unprofessional candidate behavior.

2.Suspicious online presence

When employers conduct the job interview selection process, they must make sure to interact with verified candidates. It is always important to stay clear of candidates who have a suspicious online profile. If the candidate has inappropriate comments, photos or unidentified background information, that is a red flag. Online portals like TrustLogics establish faster communication by streamlining the background check process using the candidate pre-selection tool.

3.No doubts/questions at the end of the interview

All candidates come prepared for online interviews. When a candidate is really interested in the company and the job, he tends to ask queries after the interview. If a candidate is not interacting with the employer, it should be understood as a bad fit for the job.

4.Quick job changes in employment history

A trusted and verified employment history of the candidate is important. Candidates having large gaps in their job history, inconsistent career paths are more likely to change jobs quickly. If you find something questionable about the candidate during the candidate selection process, let TrustLogics help you!

5.No eye contact during the online interview

Lack of eye contact says a lot about the candidate, their disinterest, dishonesty and more. Stay away from these candidates during job interviews online.

The only way to separate a good candidate from a bad one is to identify the red flags. These red flags can help determine the perfect candidate for the job. So employers, next online interviews, keep the red flags in mind!

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