5 Situational interview questions every recruiter must ask!

5 situational interview questions every recruiter must ask!

Recruiters always want to hire the best candidates for jobs in their company. The hiring process has changed after the pandemic and has made job seekers anxious about the kind of interview questions asked in remote interviews. In the traditional hiring process or remote hiring, behavioral interview questions are marked important by hiring managers.

What are situational interview questions? Why are they important?

Situational interviews are the best opportunity to stand out from the crowd. In any interview process, it is common for most job seekers to know the top interview questions. The formula to overcome a tough interview question is to learn more about specific interview questions. The main goal of asking situational interview questions is to gain insight into how a candidate reacts to specific circumstances in the job and office. Every industry and job role have a unique set of challenges and opportunities. The hiring managers must assess how well the job seekers are prepared to manage these circumstances before they make a hiring decision.

Situational interview questions focus on how a candidate handles real-life scenarios that they may encounter in the workplace, and how to handle similar situations. Asking these questions helps the hiring managers better understand the candidate’s thought process and assess their problem-solving, self-management and communication skills. They also give job seekers a chance to highlight how they can use professional experience, abilities and personal strengths to overcome business challenges and meet goals.

Don’t worry job seekers, here is a list of top 5 situational interview questions that can help you ace your interview.

1.Tell us a time when you failed. How did you deal with the situation?
Hiring managers usually ask this question to check candidates ability to overcome pitfalls. How a candidate recovers from defeat and learns from the errors made. Job seekers must remember to showcase the flexibility and positive behavior in transforming their negative experiences into a productive one.

2.What professional accomplishment are you most proud of? 
Recruiters have a keen interest in understanding candidates goals and the steps they take in fulfilling them. This type is referred to as a job role-specific interview question. Job seekers must make sure to respond in a way that applies to the job they are applying for.

3.What would you do if you were asked to perform a task you have never done before?
Employers ask this question to check candidates performance ability and problem-solving skills. Most behavioral interviews have one question related to job seekers experience and ability to develop a new skill.

4.What would you do if you made a mistake and nobody noticed?
Job seekers should take this opportunity to showcase their honesty and professional ethics. This question is asked to check a candidate’s responsibility and commitment to work.

5.How would you address unexpected challenges?
Candidates should make sure to showcase their communication skills and ability to address unexpected challenges in situational interviews.

While one may not know all questions in the recruiters interviewing process, job seekers can prepare a thoughtful series of speaking points. By thoroughly analyzing the question, they can fully address it in a cohesive story format, highlighting a clear obstacle and resolution. To streamline the candidate selection process in 2021, TrustLogics brings an instant solution to connect candidates with recruiters by making the hiring process easier using background checks.

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