5 Things NOT to do While Searching For Your Next Job

5 Things NOT to do While Searching For Your Next Job

Bagging a new job is a wonderful journey of sincere efforts, honest dedication and valuable learning experiences. While job seekers do their best to do everything right, but at times mistakes come along the way. And sometimes, these mistakes can be tricky to identify. Job seekers keep committing them unknowingly!

So if you have been on a job hunt lately, you should look out for these five common mistakes that most of the job seekers do. By avoiding them, not only your job search will be a smooth experience but you will land faster in your dream job too. Let us have a look at them one by one.

1. Non-verified profiles on job portals

Job portals are no less than a boon to all the job seekers out there. Wherever they are situated or whatever be their career goal, all they need to do is log into these sites. And the next thing they know is they are exploring an incredible world of promising opportunities.

But creating an account on these websites is not enough. Yes, your uploaded resume on the portal might be a killer one. But if your profile is not a verified one then it won’t catch the attention of the respective recruiters. Hence, it is advisable to earn a verified status on these portals. You can do so by filling work, education, communication and other required details specified by the portal.

2.Not focusing on networking

When one knows better, they do better. And the ideal way of knowing things better is to ask extensively from various people. For this very reason, it is always encouraged to network with recruiters and fellow job seekers on the job portals. That’s what makes networking a great skill on the portals. Thus when one becomes good at making networks, they don’t simply rely on job postings for finding jobs.

With this valuable skill, they can connect with the recruiters and different employees who might recommend them to their respective employers. In addition, great networking also helps one make acquaintance with successful people in their field of work. These new acquaintances not only offer them great professional advice but also assist them in finding their next job.

Thus, the absence of career networking makes you miss numerous golden opportunities. So what are you waiting for? Log into the job portal and start adding people to your professional network right away if you haven’t done already.

3.Not staying active on job portals

Usually, jobseekers login to their job portal account only when they want to bag a job. Sure they will find job postings as per their skills and requirements. But they are completely blank about the recruiting trends. For example-which latest up skilling courses or certification to do that will give them an extra advantage. This is one of the chief reasons for their confusion and delay in their job search.

Since job seekers are unaware of these current market situations, they might end up undermining their own talents. This results in them taking up a job far less than their calibre. Because of these factors, it becomes important to stay active on the job portals even when you are not unemployed.

4.Standard resume format for all job applications

Your resume makes your first impression on the recruiters. That’s why you should consider editing your CV a bit before applying to specific job openings. For example, you should showcase your particular skills or mention how your work experience makes you a perfect fit for the job role.

Another alternative for making your resume stand out is giving it a unique mark such as a 10 digit ID. This feature is available in some job portals such as Trustlogics. In this way, your resume won’t get lost amongst other CVs and you will be distinctly identified by the recruiter for the job opening.

5.Not following up with the recruiters

After attending an interview, it definitely takes some time before the candidate hears back from the recruiters. Meanwhile, the candidates might begin preparing for the next opportunity. All appears perfectly well until the schedules of different job interviews begin to overlap.

In order to avoid this chaos, it is the best practice to follow up with the recruiters about the expected result-date of the interview rounds. By following this simple step, job applications can be easily tracked. This approach will give a proper direction to the job seekers’ expectations and they won’t keep attending the interviews haphazardly.

Final words

Yes finding a job might not be a cakewalk, but with proper planning and a few hacks, it is also not a tough nut to crack. In case you are also trying to switch to a new job, then upload your resume on TrustLogics  today With various job seeker-friendly features like networking, unique resume ID and many more, TrustLogics is your ideal companion in your job-search.

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