5 Things you didn’t know about background checks

5 things you didn’t know about background checks

Employers are always looking for new candidate screening methods at the time of recruitment. The first and foremost concern of all employers is to verify the job seekers. The common method to find out about candidates is to conduct a background check process. It is essential to verify job seekers before their admission into the company.

Why conduct an employee background check?

The importance of background screenings came to light because of the several misrepresentation and cheating cases of candidates during the recruitment process. A candidate background check has become the need for the hour because of fraud and plagiarism instances at the time of employment. Even after the job screening process, employers must keep in mind to choose trustworthy candidates. Nowadays it has become a common practice for job seekers to mislead employers by providing false information about past experiences, qualifications and more.

Therefore employers should conduct educational verification checks and employment history verification checks too. Many employers have been performing employee background checks even before everyone knew about the background screenings. But there still exists many doubts and misconceptions about the background check process. Here is everything you want to learn about background checks and how you can include them in your recruitment process.

Learn more about background check benefits from given below 5 things you didn’t know about the background check process.

1.Checking inaccurate information with the help of verification checks

Background checks are done by conducting educational verification checks and previous employment verification, to check for any false information mentioned in the candidate’s resume.

2. Reference checks are not the same as background checks

Reference checks happen when you contact a reference, asking to hear insights about the candidate from a previous boss, colleague, professor, supervisor or partner. These checks tell you about the candidate’s strengths, weaknesses. But an employee background check includes professional license checks and criminal history checks too.

3.Small companies also need to perform background checks

The common misconception among employers who run a small or newly formed company is that they are safe from conducting an employee background check as they have nothing to lose. Small businesses usually work with the most vulnerable populations and have just as much to lose from a bad hire, if not more. Every employee represents your company and making the wrong hire can reflect poorly on the organization.

4.The cost of running background checks is not expensive

Many employers at the time of hiring feel a candidate background check will add to unnecessary additional costs. TrustLogics is a prominent online portal that conducts seamless background checks without high-valued costs. A trusted platform like TrustLogics can help your company interact and network with verified candidates only.

5.Background checks don’t take a long time

We have always seen employers in a haste to hire the perfect candidate. Conducting employment history verification checks seem too long for such employers. Neglecting background screenings with the fear of time consumption is a big misconception. TrustLogics brings you fast, efficient and effective background checks. Now employers can sit back and relax because TrustLogics is here to help!

Recruitment amidst a global pandemic is tougher than ever. Having a smart, trusted and professional online recruitment portal like TrustLogics, HR managers can easily conduct background checks in a hassle-free manner.

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