5 Tips for conducting a seamless Video Job Interview

5 essential tips for successful conduction of online video job Interview

Companies and recruiters are finding ways to prioritise work and employee safety at the same time. Online interviews are a sure win when it comes to remote recruitment. On one-hand, where companies are gearing up for the virtual interview process, on the other hand, recruiters are in constant search of new virtual interview tips.

Well, your search stops here.

With every company becoming technologically advanced, preparing for the virtual interviews is a pretty normal process. In any recruitment process, asking the right questions is as important as selecting the right candidate. Some companies are familiar with the modern hiring process, while some others are finding it difficult.

Changes in the Recruitment Process
What feels like a modern interview process is the addition of technology. The interview questions are more precise to avoid the use of excessive time. The virtual interview process is time effective, cost-efficient, and targeted to candidates around the world.  The new terms like video interview, videoconferencing have become popular after the pandemic. The most important segment in the virtual interview process is the interview schedule. Candidates must be briefed about the interview format carefully. For an easy to manage and uninterrupted virtual interview process, some useful virtual interview tips can be considered which are listed down below.

Here is a list of tips that can help you in conducting a better interview process virtually. 

1.Get ready with the required technology. 
The first and foremost thing to ensure that you get tested for is the command over technology. Employers need to check all the reliable sources that can help conduct the virtual interview process. Online platforms that are widely used can be reliable. There are several videoconferencing tools available for online interviews.

2. Sound professional and connect with the candidates
It is important to start the online hiring process with a professional and serious tone. Employers must make sure to smile and make eye contact with the candidate during the virtual interview process. Asking the right questions and interacting with the candidates efficiently is highly recommended. Stick to the interview schedule and take notes of their performance. In cases of internet issues, make the candidate feel comfortable and keep the conversation going.

3. Attract candidates to your company
Online interviews can be challenging but keep your focus and stay confident. Employers must talk to candidates about their company achievements and work culture to make sure they stay interested.

4. No time for interruptions
The key to conducting a successful interview process virtually is to make sure there are no distractions like cellphone ringing, dog barking, no background noise, have a clean and neat workspace on screen, keep your webcam clean and find a room with good lighting.

5.Feedback and follow-up
Take honest feedback from candidates and follow-up the selection process with the remaining steps.

Recruiters have more options when it comes to the modern hiring process with online portals like TrustLogics. Networking and communication have been the targets for recruiters when it comes to hiring potential candidates. TrustLogics  brings an instant solution to easily connect candidates with recruiters by making the hiring process easier using background checks.

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