5 Tips to ace your next virtual interview

5 tips to ace your next virtual interview

The pandemic has changed the face of recruitment. If you’re searching for a job in 2021, get ready for the virtual interview process. Your idea of a traditional job interview no longer exists but welcome to the new world of video interviews, remote hiring sessions, artificial intelligence tools, video meeting platforms and more. Recruiters are always on the lookout for fresh candidates with potential and talent, so it will take some effort on your part as a job seeker to build relationships with them and secure a position.

How to stand out during the virtual hiring process?

The key to acing a virtual job interview is to be technologically savvy, not sound robotic in a video meeting, and keeping it simple. Job seekers have to make sure to monitor their body language during video interviews. Online job portals are already imbibing the new elements of virtual hiring. If you are looking for virtual interview tips amidst COVID, this blog is definitely going to help you out. 

Read more to learn how to stay ahead in your job search. Companies hire candidates keeping long-term relationships in mind. The main drawback of remote job interviews is having a connectivity problem. Job seekers should make sure that their internet connection is stable. 

During the virtual hiring process, every candidate has a limited amount of time to respond to a question asked. Job seekers must be quick and to the point while answering questions. A quick run-down of responses to the most common interview questions can help! Networking with the right people and building a good employer brand is also essential.  It’s also important to build your network and connections with prospective employers for future video interviews

Here are the top 5 virtual job interview tips that will help you ace your next video job interview:

1.Take a minute to test your internet connection

To avoid any mishaps during your video interviews, make sure to double-check your internet connection and confirm your camera and microphone.

      2.Be prepared 

Job seekers must make sure to sit down neatly dressed when starting their video interviews. Professional clothing will look elegant and allow the employer to feel that you are really interested in the job. 

Also, it’s best to come prepared with answers to the most common interview questions, for example:

  • Why are you interested in this job role?
  • What do you know about the company?
  • Why are you leaving your current job?
  • What are you looking for in a new job position?

And more.

        3. Don’t sound Robotic

It is good to rehearse your responses a few times before the actual video meeting with the employer. 

        4.Be yourself

The key to impressing the interviewer during remote job interviews is to be yourself. Give answers to the point and with a positive attitude. 

        5. Do a follow up after the job interview

Send the employer a thank you email after completing the video interview. 


Online portals like TrustLogics establish faster communication by streamlining the background check process using the candidate pre-selection tool. The recruiters will interact with the verified candidates only. Get connected with TrustLogics to learn more about it. The modern tools can bridge the gap between employer and candidate and help employers find talented professionals faster. 

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