7 questions to ask while hiring remotely

Remote hiring tips

When employers decide on hiring remote workforces, then they have to have a sense of trust in the employees in being self-sufficient and productive. The hiring process will involve screening these soft skills and hence the job interview questions you ask as an employer should be carefully crafted. The greatest advantage of working with remote workforces is that you get to select job applicants from a large pool. However, to ensure whether the candidate you are choosing as a remote employee is eligible or not you have to ask the right kind of questions. Here are the seven most important questions you must ask:-

Asking the candidate about the challenges they face at work

Asking these questions will help you understand the working pattern of the candidate and how well do they perform under challenges. Their answer to this question will help you analyze the candidate better and you will also get an opportunity to see whether they can face challenges and improve their credibility as performers.

What are some of the challenges they face while working remotely and how are they able to overcome them?

Employees who are working remotely have their own set of challenges to face such as the problem of finding a quiet place to work in or feeling demotivated and isolated from time to time. You have to look out for those employees who have found ways and methods to overcome these issues and maintain a flexible work life.

Does the candidate have remote work experience?

This is one of the main questions that you should ask as an employer. You have to be completely sure of the qualifications of the candidate you are interviewing and what are his capabilities and soft skills set. You also should know whether they have previous experience of working remotely and are they well equipped with working remotely.

In what way do they prioritize their tasks?

As an employer, you have to see how efficiently does a candidate prioritizes his/her tasks. Through this question, you can ensure whether the candidate is productive enough, and if they will understand the importance of prioritizing those tasks that will help the project move faster. You need to see how effectively they can balance their workload and at the same time not compromise on the quality of work.

How does a candidate start off with their day?

Candidates who have healthy life habits such as regular exercise and have a morning routine or schedule tend to stay focused on work. A morning routine helps a person start of their day on a positive note and they have a very creative mindset. Asking this question will help you identify those candidates who are less stressed and more productive and ultimately beneficial for your company.

What is the setup of your home office?

This question is a must-ask because candidates who are dedicated to remote work experience usually have home office setups that will promote and support their work life. Their home office setup could be like a simple work desk or an entirely separate room dedicated for their remote work. Look out for such candidates as they will aid to the productivity of the company and collaborate with the team better.

At what time of the day do they usually work?

Remote workers have odd working schedules because of certain obligations. A deserving candidate who has the perfect skill set to ace their job may choose to work in the afternoon because of some life obligations. Therefore you should ask this question because their work schedules have to match with the team.

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