AI for Virtual Recruitment: A Definitive Guide for HR professionals

AI for Virtual Recruitment: A Definitive Guide for HR professionals

The recruitment process over the years has been under multiple revisions. There have been traditional methods like campus hirings that have now advanced to online recruitment. Especially in the year 2020, virtual recruitment has been the only channel for recruiters around the world to connect with job seekers. The use of AI-driven HR technology has seen growing popularity among hiring professionals.

This emerging category of recruitment is designed to reduce time-consuming activities like manual screening of resumes, candidate verification, and more. HR managers aim to streamline the recruitment workflow using the best HR and recruiting software.

How will AI change the future of virtual recruitment?

Improving the quality of virtual recruitment lies in the standardization of matching the talent experiences, knowledge, and job requirements. If companies and hiring professionals adopt AI to guide career responsibilities, they can minimize recruitment workload and improve company performance. With the help of Intelligent screening software, strong and potential candidates can be selected.

Virtual recruiters and advanced analytical tools go hand-in-hand to automate the high volume tasks of recruitment. To overcome task duplication or repetitive tasks, hiring professionals have started using AI recruitment tools. The areas of recruitment like screening, sourcing, and assessments will now be managed using AI recruitment tools.

Many companies have started using recruiter chat bots and other AI-driven HR technology to improve candidate experience and to receive consistent updates throughout the application process. Augmented Intelligence can fully replace human input and enhance the recruitment process. To improve the efficiency of the virtual recruitment process, AI recruitment tools are highly in demand. One such tool is perfectly suited to have an instant candidate verification before the interview process.

What are some of the AI-driven recruitment tools?

Employee verification is one of the many recruiting challenges faced by hiring professionals when they have a large pool of candidates. Employers run a background check to avoid hiring troubled candidates for the reputation of their company. Any candidate who can be a threat to the workplace or become a liability to the employer is not what employers want. AI for recruiters will help build easier connections between candidates and them.

What is TrustLogics 3 step verification? 

TrustLogics has made the entire employee verification process easier for both job seekers and hiring professionals. The trusted bond is established beforehand with the help of a verification badge that a candidate can get after just 3 easy steps of verification. A free profile verification for job seekers wherein they would have to fill in personal details, educational background, previous employment history, on an online form.

A systematic assessment is performed with artificial intelligence and block chain procedures. The badge is then awarded to signify the completion of background verification. This is an example of how AI recruitment tools can solve virtual recruitment challenges. TrustLogics provides the best solutions for secure verification processes to be conducted in a modern way. Traditional processes are left far behind with an AI-driven HR technology like the one of TrustLogics

AI will change the role of virtual recruiters and analytical tools will takeover traditional software systems in near future.

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