Are you new to the corporate world? 19 best survival tips

5 Steps to Choosing the Best Job for You

Fresher in the corporate world is analogous to an alien landing in a corporate office. They have no idea how to proceed, who to meet with, how to behave, who to talk to and who not to, and all of these questions perplex him greatly. So, before you unpack your belongings in your new cabin, you should be aware of all the do’s and don’ts of surviving as a fresher, because not everyone is so fortunate to have a helping mentor as a senior. As a result, you should be prepared with some pointers to assist yourself in such a situation.

1.PUNCTUAL: One thing you should always remember is to be on time in the office; your boss should not be waiting for you. You must learn to be an early riser.

2. LOOK PRESENTABLE: Not only should you look handsome and beautiful, but you should also be presentable and well-dressed. You must be clean and sanitary. As the adage goes, the first impression is the last impression.

3. ALWAYS WEAR A SMILE: You should always have a smile on your face because it attracts people to help you when you are in need.

4. KNOW YOUR COMPANY: Learn everything you can about your company; you should be well-versed in its policies and operations.

5. BEGIN TO CREATE RELATIONSHIPS: As soon as you know who is who, try to establish a relationship with them and offer to assist them in maintaining that relationship.

6. AVOID GOSSIP SESSIONS: Always remember that talking about trivial matters distracts you from your work, so avoid talking about trivial matters in the office. Save the office gossip for after hours.

7. MAINTAIN PROFESSIONALISM: The corporate world requires you to be professional at all levels. More than anything else, your professionalism will be valued.

8. LEARN TO SAY ‘NO’: Because you are a new employee and many people in the office will take advantage of you, you should learn to say no if you find a job to be inappropriate.

9. BE FRIENDLY, BUT NOT TOO FRIENDLY: You are here to advance your personal career, not to make friends. You will meet all kinds of people, good, bad, and mean, so maintain a cordial relationship with everyone rather than being overly friendly with anyone. Allow no one to take advantage of your friendship.

10. FOLLOW YOUR SENIORS: Make your seniors your role models; they are experienced individuals from whom you can learn a lot. To get to your senior’s level, try to follow in their footsteps.

11. TAKE RISKS: Because you are new and have little responsibility over you, now is the time to take risks and learn new things.

12. PRIOR TO BEGINNING, ASK THESE QUESTIONS: Make sure you have a clear idea about whatever work you are given; if you are unsure, it is highly recommended that you ask your questions about it right away so that you do not turn your work into a disaster.

13. ACCEPT CRITICISM WITH A SMILE: Because you are new, it is natural for you to make mistakes. It is preferable that you accept criticism with a smile because it will only benefit you because you understand that criticism is a necessary step toward success.

14. WORK SMART, NOT HARD: If you want to be successful in business, you must always remember to work smartly. Rather than working hard all day, try to learn new things quickly and smartly. Because, in the end, it is smart work that counts, not hard work.

15. TIME MANAGEMENT: Time management is the most effective way to complete all of your tasks on time. As soon as you arrive at the office, the first thing you should do is sketch out a rough plan for managing your time, as this is the best way to finish your work on time and live stress-free.

16. LEARN TO MEET DEADLINES: Deadlines are set in order to complete a task within a specific time frame. Always remember to meet those deadlines because completing your work on time demonstrates how responsible you are towards your work.

17. BE A TEAM PLAYER: Learn to work in a team; teamwork is the best way to be liked by everyone. Coordination with all of your teammates demonstrates your team spirit.

18. RESPECT FOR ALL: You should respect everyone in the office, even if you don’t like them, whether they are a senior or a junior; everyone expects respect.

19. DON’T TAKE LEAVE TOO OFTEN: Don’t take too many leaves unless there is an emergency. Taking too many leaves will not project a positive image of your personality.

Your first job is crucial because it is the first step toward a successful corporate life. So be astute and cautious in your work. Corporate offices can be perplexing at first, but with time, you will become accustomed to them. Plan each step carefully.

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