Career options in India in 2021 and beyond

top career options in India in 2021 and beyond

Career opportunities have been fast growing in the past few years. This pandemic has seen a shift in career options for young professionals. India has the fastest-growing economy in the world and has proven to be the best market for investors. New companies are booming in India. Many suggest that computer engineering will be the job that will be in demand in the next 10 years in India. There is a strong chance that other popular industries will see a boost in professional opportunities in the years to come.

Best Career options in India 2021  

1.omputer science Engineering

Computers have shaped the future of many industries and brought improvement in employment. Jobs that require the use of computers are often highly paid jobs. The digital world has taken over employment in many big industries. Computer science has seen the fastest-growing career options in the past years and will continue to do so. The most common career options after 12th grade have been computer science for years. Companies like Microsoft, Google pay big salaries to their employees who come from a computer science background.

2.Merchant Navy

The one unconventional job that will be in demand in the next 10 years in India has to be in the Merchant Navy. This kind of job is physically demanding and expects one to be in the water for 6-9 months on the ship. The job role is to manage commercial shipping operations and more. Professional opportunities are increasingly available in this sector because of the demand and supply increase.


A doctor in medical services is highly paid all around the world. Taking a career choice in medicine as a Doctor is one of the best career options in India 2021. The degree from a prestigious college holds great credibility and gives an initial boost in job placements.

4.Civil Services

A job in the civil services sector remains the most reputed one. The competition level rises every year in this field. This field has high salaries paid jobs for all of the candidates. Professional opportunities in this field never fail to disappoint because of the growing demand.

5.Management professionals

A management professional can work for different industries under the same designation. For example, HR in any field has to perform similar tasks. The management sector usually has high salaries paid jobs because of experience and demand. Top industries including marketing, finance, operations, trade, logistics, and more look for management professionals. This sector has a huge demand all over the world.

When you are looking for career opportunities 2021, these are the list of top ones you should consider. Professional opportunities will see a rise in the next years and many new industries will come to light. Job seekers and recruiters have an easier way to connect and network with the digital space. Many promising platforms help recruiters meet job seekers. TrustLogics is one such prominent platform that has a trusted experience for networking of recruiters and job seekers.

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