Four things you can do to keep your career on track

Four things you can do to keep your career on track.

I was recently called by a potential client who had been laid off without warning. In the previous 20 years, he hadn’t looked for work or networked.

His resume and LinkedIn page had been neglected for some time, and his performance reviews and other professional documents were stored on corporate computers that he no longer had access to. Needless to say, he was feeling absolutely out of control and overwhelmed.

I hear these kinds of stories all the time as a resume writer and job counsellor. It’s a good reminder that updating your career materials is best done when you don’t need them. So, what can you do to prevent this from happening to you?

Keep copies of your professional materials.

Keep copies of performance appraisals, recommendation letters, and emails from colleagues or clients thanking you for your accomplishments on your computer or in a physical file at home.

As soon as you receive anything connected to your job performance, create a file and store it there for quick access later.

Regularly update your responsibilities and successes.

Both resumes and annual reviews benefit from keeping track of your contributions. Make a point of writing down new responsibilities and accomplishments while they are still fresh in your mind and filing them away with your other job documents.

Schedule time to update your career search documents/online profiles with new information at regular intervals.

You should network on a regular basis, not just while you’re looking for work.

In today’s world, networking may take place both in person and online, and LinkedIn is one of the greatest locations to do it. Every week, set aside time to make new contacts.

Look for people with whom you have interests, such as alumni from your school(s), present and previous co-workers, and members of the same LinkedIn groups and/or professional organisations. Because you already have at least one person in common, your second-level relationships are also an excellent place to start.

Always include a personal letter explaining how you’re related to that person and how you might help them. Follow and communicate with thought leaders in your field, as well as firms you might be interested in, and look for people to connect with at these businesses. Develop connections and strive to give as much as you receive.

Make a list of all the references

Find people who are familiar with your job and ask for their help, such as writing a LinkedIn recommendation or praising your skills.

If you’re afraid of people thinking you’re looking or about to abandon ship, simply explain that you’re being proactive since you never know what can happen and you want to be prepared. Encourage them to do so.

Finding a new job search portal can be difficult, but staying on top of your career might help you get a leg up on the competition.

As I usually tell everyone, there are many aspects of your work that you have no control over, so focus on what you can manage and let the rest go.

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