Fun and Engaging new hire onboarding ideas!

Fun and Engaging new hire onboarding ideas!

The best way to empower new hires to succeed faster is by executing onboarding in the most effective way possible! Strengthening your employer brand can be very rewarding for the organization. When it comes to the onboarding process, the key is to keep it simple. The aim is to outline what they can expect before they start and during their first week or two on the job. Avoid an in-depth road map that might seem overwhelming.

New hires tend to be nervous on day one. Asking or doing a simple interview online with them can leave the door open for feedback or input. Interview  with new employees can help the employer know what’s the best support they need. When an organization is onboarding new employees, putting an effort to prepare for their arrival is important.

What are some of the new engaging employee onboarding ideas?

We have seen companies using many old and new onboarding ideas to make the new hires first-day fun and festive. If you are looking for new hire orientation tips, then you have come to the right place!

Some of the common engaging employee onboarding ideas are like conducting interview sessions, scheduling company lunch, etc. When we talk about unique onboarding activities, the first thing that comes to mind is an all-around informative quiz. Employers can define some quick questions(and answers) about the company, culture, and even team members.  By doing so, new employees will learn relevant and interesting information.

Whenever an employer is new hiring an employee, it is important to verify the candidate thoroughly. TrustLogics is one such prominent online portal that helps employees connect with potential employers. A background check process is performed beforehand to let employers connect with verified candidates only.

Here are the top 5 great employee onboarding ideas

1.Introduce Buddy system

If you have a large intake of new hires, this will give you maximum connection on a time crunch. Have your buddy pairs work on a small project together, even if it’s just for an hour. Schedule your buddy pairs a couple of hours volunteering in an afternoon of their first week.

2.Go ‘social savvy’

Social media is an excellent way to let new hires know about all of the exciting things your company does. A visual guide with tips on how to announce their new role, a collection of your organization’s favorite hashtags will make things understandable and give your employer brand a boost.

3.Conduct quizzes

New employees can learn about the company and its policies.

4.Plan scavenger hunts

A scavenger hunt can be an icebreaker allowing new hires to work in teams quickly and spark conversations. For
remote employee onboarding activities, you can use digital scavenger hunts too!

5.Teach new employees something new!

Employers can foster a sense of continuous improvement in new hires by teaching them something new.

Maybe your organization already has an onboarding schedule, but you can adopt new engaging employee
onboarding ideas for a better onboarding process in the future.

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