Hiring Managers v/s Recruiters: What’s the difference?

Hiring Managers v/s Recruiters: What’s the difference?

When it comes to recruitment in companies, big or small, hiring managers are often referred to as Recruiters. But are they the same? Finding a qualified and perfectly fitted candidate for a job is a tough decision. Recruiters and hiring managers are responsible for interviewing potential candidates and selecting the right one. There are several methods that hiring managers and recruiters adopt to find the most suitable candidate. These common methods are also called hiring tactics which are essential to help the hiring process run smoothly. The human resources department in a company is attributed with the responsibility of interviewing top candidates. Job seekers often confuse hiring managers with recruiters.

How are recruiters and hiring managers different?
Hiring managers are typically the HR team lead looking to fill an open job role. They interview potential candidates for their departments but spend a majority of the time leading their department or team. Recruiters work on finding excellent candidates for the company. Recruiters look for applicants to fill specific roles and talented people that would benefit the organization.

Hiring managers usually review resumes and applications as they receive them from recruiters or directly from job seekers. Once they identify an open position, most hiring managers write a job description and job posting to use in finding qualified candidates. Hiring managers can collaborate with recruiters to find suitable applicants. After consulting with a hiring manager, a recruiter will develop a strategy to find the perfect candidate. This includes reaching out to job seekers online and expanding their network through the virtual world.

What are some of the qualities that make recruiters different from hiring managers?
Recruiters possess many hard and soft skills that help them perform their jobs well. Recruiters usually have skills such as communication, problem-solving, time management, sales abilities and more. The hiring manager job duties depend on whether they are working with recruiters or alone or with human resources employees. Most hiring managers plan training and orientation of new candidates. We usually find recruiters posting job postings online and then screen candidates on the phone or using video conferences. The role of a recruiter is to help the hiring manager by casting a wide range of candidates and then presenting the most qualified people from that larger pool. Hiring managers are usually seen managing the onboarding process of selected candidates and supervising the hiring process. Recruiters identify potential candidates and look for the best talent that suits the company environment and ethics.

Why do recruiters and hiring managers work together?
To find the best candidate, recruiters and hiring managers must be in constant contact with one another. The key is to be effective and efficient, a great way to do this is to conduct post-interview discussions via phone or using an online platform. This kind of regular communication helps both recruiters and hiring managers stay on top of market challenges, applicant expectations, and competitors.

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