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How did the pandemic change the face of recruitment overnight

How did the pandemic change the face of recruitment overnight

Life comes with uncertainties, but COVID-19 has brought uncertainty in all industries. The adverse effects of this downfall have impacted the recruitment process as well. The pandemic has brought a major shift in the workforce with work from home. Businesses and companies are finding it difficult to keep up with the changing conditions. Companies instead of hiring started firing their employees and have gone to freeze on external hiring. Some industries were hit a big-time but some that flourished. Movie theatres and restaurants have faced the challenge of customer engagements. Online marketing has helped restaurants to campaign efficiently. Top web portals like Amazon Prime and Netflix have earned maximum viewership and money in 2020.  


The traditional recruitment process has become a talk of the past like face-to-face interviews forgotten. The biggest setback for companies is to guard the safety of their staff. Job seekers view company safety protocols for staff as putting their employees first. Many new approaches have come into action after the pandemic hit like Virtual recruiting is the new normal. Recruiting professionals have started video interviews in different time zones using a specific technology defining the new recruiting landscape. Remote work has been a new trend that has made employees perform from the ease of their home.  


What changes have emerged in the hiring process in 2020? 


  • The first change is the rise of online delivery that has impacted the food and restaurant business.  Employee recruitment is about satisfying the optimal hiring conditions. Candidates that have proven to be efficient in adverse situations are always the employers first choice. 


  • Technology is the golden key to unlock career opportunities in 2020. When companies feel the need for more tech-friendly employees, they have put permanent roles on pause. Employees are required to be flexible and efficient in their work and performance. Job seekers have a new platform to connect with recruiters using platforms such as TrustLogics. Since virtual recruiting is the new normal many companies have switched to online recruitment. 


  • To increase the retention of employees, companies and the government plan on developing sick leave insurance and coverage of hourly workers. Businesses are finding it difficult to sustain because of the uncertainty in all industries. 


  • There is a major switch in the recruiting landscape and virtual recruitment is the only sought. Companies have given flexible hours of work and adapted flexible schedules in recruitment as well. Video interviewing has the advantage of flexibile schedule and is less stressful. 


  • The pandemic has also brought a wider spectrum of candidates who can now apply for a job from the comfort of their home. Companies can connect and network with job seekers from around the world. With traditional methods, it was not possible to find millions of job seekers. Now, online networking is in action, face-to-face interviews forgotten.

The modern hiring process has to lead to a cost-effective way of recruiting. With AI in action, the traditional hiring process will see an upgrade through complete automation of employee verification and more. Many portals are active in modern recruitment with new tools in action. TrustLogics is one such prominent portals that help recruiters and job seekers network better. 

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