How Difficult it is to Find a Job in 2020?

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The year 2020 has been completely unexpected for the whole world. Day by day it is becoming extremely difficult to find a job. The task of finding a job has become tougher and sometimes you might feel like you are not as employable as you believed you were. Millions of people around the world who are trying to find a job are equally frustrated and exhausted. It is important for job seekers  to understand why the process of finding a job has become so much more difficult now in 2020 so that they can improve their chances in achieving success.

Why is it so hard to find a job in 2020?

Companies have become overtly selective and the traditional ways of hiring candidates have been distorted. As a result of the pandemic, the uncertainty has increased immensely; the existing employees are being laid off to manage the cost-cutting of the company. Although the job boards do show that positions are open they actually have no intention to fill up those positions but instead promote within their company.

Some companies also solicit resumes which leads to creating a pool of potential candidates and they can turn towards them when the positions are open. Job hunting in 2020 has become even more tiring because not only is the worldwide economy crumbling but due to the lockdown period companies have lost a considerable amount of money which has become difficult to retrieve.

The pandemic has badly affected and damaged the worldwide economy. Millions of companies have been negatively impacted by the pandemic and lockdown which in turn has affected job seekers. Countless people have lost jobs in such difficult times and those who are looking for jobs are either not getting interview calls or have been kept in waiting. The social distancing measures have reduced the number of employees in the companies. Many companies and firms have not been able to financially survive after the lockdown which has streamlined the choices of job seekers

Virtual hiring and career networking- the new way to land a job

It is important for candidates to realise that the whole dynamic of job searching has changed. Finding a job in 2020  has become more challenging because companies are looking for that perfect candidate with all the hard and soft skills to manage the losses incurred due to the pandemic. However, if you know how to crack a virtual interview, it is not that difficult to get a job nowadays.

In case you are having a hard to find a job, it’s high time that you start working on your virtual interview skills. You should also start connecting with more and more recruiters related to your domain. This is where you can get the advantage of career networking. Join a reliable and active job hunting platform where you can find plenty of recruiters. Connect with them, and improve your chances of landing a job even in this pandemic situation.

To conclude

Although the situation may seem grim and not so positive for job seekers, TrustLogics will definitely help job seekers survive amidst such uncertain times. They are a platform that will help connect job seekers with recruiters and make the process of looking out for a job easier and smoother.

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