How will Verified & Trusted Professional Data Benefit Job Seekers?

By verifying their profile data and adhering to TrustLogics standards, job seekers can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Faster hiring process
  • Lower hiring costs
  • Lower risk of losing their PII (Personally Identifiable Information)

Faster hiring process

With the exception of some jobs that have special requirements — such as high security clearances, drug tests, etc. — most employers are required to verify the same basic information for all candidates (e.g. ID, education, work history) before arriving at a hiring decision. If you think about it, this is happening because there is no single software/tool that can store a job seeker’s profile data, store background check information, and have a facility to share that information with intended parties securely.

TrustLogics enables job seekers to do all the aforementioned functions. Thus, TrustLogics drastically reduces hiring cycle times, because employers will have all the relevant profile & background check information in one place during the sourcing phase itself. Not only that, job seekers will now have more time to make personal connections with employers and/or involved recruiters, resulting in a much faster hiring process.

Lower hiring cost

The reduction in hiring cycle times has the direct effect of lowering the associated hiring costs. And when you multiply this across an entire industry which involves thousands of employers and hundreds of thousands of job seekers, the cost savings for employers are huge. Like a snowball effect, eventually these employer cost savings will be transferred to job seekers in the form of quality hires, less spam, etc.

Lower risk of losing your PII

Job seekers are required to provide their PII every time a future employer wants to run a background check on them. In fact, recent trends show that more and more employers are relying on background check reports while making hiring decisions, because they don’t trust what job seekers are saying or claiming on their résumés any more. So, the more often a professional change jobs, the greater the number of times she or he is required to share their PII, and the more risk they carry for identity theft and related data loss.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Just think about it. The recruitment industry has been following the same old repetitive processes until now. It’s time to change. With TrustLogics, job seekers are getting their profile data verified with accredited third-party companies and storing the results on a blockchain solution. They can now minimize the risk of their identity being stolen and confidently share results with intended parties using smart keys.

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