Is Building a Job Seeker Network Necessary for a Recruiter?


When recruiters look for new talent in potential candidates, they try all possible ways. But the best recruiting tool is always in front of the recruiter. A simple, easy to use and effective tool to find a job seeker is Networking. Who says Networking is only for job seekers! When recruiters are looking for a strong team, networking and communication, are always the core strength.

How does Networking help?

For jobseekers, networking is their golden key in terms of increasing employment chances, but for an employer, networking does more than just talent acquisition. Networking can help make a global connection. The company can establish a trusted and prominent name for itself with the help of networking. The hiring process can sometimes not give 100% satisfactory results in terms of talented candidates. If you think you’re facing a shortage of talented young professionals, then maybe it’s time to change your recruitment process.

Why Networking?

Networking is an important function for career development because one pipeline is not enough. From a job seeker’s perspective connecting with a recruiter is essential to have a deeper insight into the job profiles. Job seekers want a wider range of career opportunities. Planning a strategic approach to understand the pulse of the candidates is important. Having a strong company profile always benefits the employer.

Steps to Build a Network:

Have a target reach.

Recruiters must understand the need to limit their time and create a target map. The candidates need to be properly accessed after an ideal candidate profile is drafted. The job listings must be short, brief, and focused on the point.

Host events to attract candidates.

A popular example of holding events is to organize events like Coding Boot camps, where coders battle in code and the best candidate gets selected. An employment drive need not be only for the selection process but also for networking. The employer can analyze and mark potential candidates while running talent-driven events.

Make a strategy.

Just like job seekers make the best career choices through a well-planned approach. For an employer, it is important to identify talent and build a relationship from the beginning. Networking is a long-term strategy for the future of careers. So recruiters need to start now.

Keep in touch with prospective candidates.

If you have a talent pool, then there is a greater possibility of hiring better professionals. After talent acquisition, there are chances that not all candidates get selected, but having a healthy interaction with them can boost the reach of your company or organization. Some candidates might want to move to a different job, but targeted communications can have a global impact on the growth of your organization.

Make the best use of social media. 

Social media is the best tool to find a job seeker. The employment status just needs to be uploaded on social media and interacting with a potential employer is made easy with just one click.  Social media platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook offer a bridge for job seekers in connecting with a recruiter. Campaigns and a strong social media presence for your company can go a long way when it comes to building a network.

So, these are some of the steps for building a successful network with the job seekers out there. In this regard, making use of online job platforms like TrustLogics can help recruiters a lot.

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