The importance of working for a Boss who supports you

The importance of working for a Boss who supports you

The corporate world especially can be a cruel place. In times like these, how good would it be to have the support of your boss!

Employers seek loyalty and perseverance from their employees. However, sometimes they failed to return their half of the equation which therefore leads to lesser productivity and a higher rate of employee turnover. A boss’s communication of the support they are willing to provide to the employee is as important as providing the support! Yes, it is very important to be professional in a corporate environment but the fact that professional relationships are built on trust and commitment cannot be ignored.

Research has shown that an employee who works for a boss that supports them has higher rates of productivity and efficiency than an employer who does not support them. This is obviously because mental health plays an important role in determining the candidate’s efficiency.

In a way, an organization’s success rate is directly proportional to the rate of satisfaction of the employees in the work environment.

Here are a few reasons why an employee with the boss’s support is more productive.

Happiness = productivity
Let us take an example. You go for an interview into organizations of the industry? keeping other things constant, the employer or your boss in one organization is warm, helpful and understanding and the boss in the other organization has zero levels of understanding and is more focused on the result regardless of the way the function of the internal control system affects you. Which company are you willing to join? Any rational person would go with the former organization hence proving our point. Happiness increases productivity in the workplace! Employees for better productivity must be happy and content!

There is a scope of growth
With the boss who understands you and support you, you will have a wider scope for growth. They will understand and identify your skillset and will allot work or help you grow in the field that you love working in instead of simply loading work on your shoulders. Therefore, for growth, a successful leader’s support plays a vital role!

A good leader makes a good team 
A good leader makes a good team. A good leader leads by example. The point being, if you wish to become a leader someday or if you wish to become the boss of the team someday it is only rational and important to work for a boss with principles and values that align those of yours. This will help you develop leadership skills. While a boss who does not support you would wield a position of power over you, boss who does support you will not hold this fact of power over your head. Respect must be mutually earned and a healthy relationship between two leaders would result in the expansion and growth of the individuals as well as the organization.

Currently, in the USA the Millennials have taken over Gen X when it comes to employment. The growth of the newer generation is faster and more reliable. As a part of this corporate changing world, let us become the reasons for the change and let us become supportive employees, colleagues as well as employers.

Let us become good leaders and let us lead the nation as a whole towards growth. 

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