The Next Big Thing For The Hiring Process Is Finally Here

Announcing TrustLogics (, a new information gateway based on decentralized technology that establishes a global unique standard for optimizing communications in the job market. TrustLogics is analogous to the “missing link” in the highly complex and multifaceted business of connecting job seekers with potential employers, and providing recruiters with access to available talent in a global workforce.

TrustLogics makes it possible for job seekers, recruiters, and businesses to communicate more effectively by sharing verified data that provides for the highest level of confidence during prescreening. It presents a new standard for the employment market, whereby users create data blocks and define their own rules through the TrustLogics global information gateway.

For the job seeker the creation of a TrustLogics account means a one-time input of basic bio details and job history. More dynamic information such as academic qualifications, background checks, professional registrations need only be verified and kept current, reducing time and cost to the job seeker.

TrustLogics gives recruiters the ability to immediately verify the availability of a candidate before any work is undertaken to vet and make contact with the candidate. Once it has been establish that a candidate is available for work, the recruiter can begin to assess the suitability of the candidate based on accurate and up-to-date information.

About TrustLogics

Arising out of more than 10 years of managing a dynamic staff and recruiting agency, the idea of creating a global standard that would facilitate crucial elements of the job search and hiring process became an ever increasing challenge. The complexity of the hiring process requires a radical strategic solution, one that protects PII (Personal Identity Information) from the potential to be compromised through public platforms, online and offline.

By ensuring there is “trust” in its basic data, TrustLogics improves the performance in terms of quality and reputation of the hiring process. There are any number of recruiters, job boards and portals, staffing agencies, and HR managers, all requiring the same information from potential job candidates. In contrast, TrustLogics introduces protocols that are designed to eliminate the many repetitive processes that are unavoidable with the existing system.

After completion of a successful closed beta trial with more than 48 thousand users, TrustLogics will be launching the open beta release that to the public in early 2018. For further information, please contact

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