Top 5 digital recruitment challenges to tackle in 2021

Top 5 digital recruitment challenges to tackle in 2021

Employment over the years has been a subject of debate for its many challenges and diversity in solutions. The major challenges in the world of talent acquisition are in finding qualified candidates. The rise in unemployment has brought career opportunities to a halt with the risk of attracting the right job candidates. Traditional recruitment processes were time-consuming and costly when compared to modern digital recruitment. Every recruitment process comes with its share of hiring challenges. The no.1 hiring challenge for recruitment through an online job board is of prioritising relevant job applicants. To tackle these recruitment challenges, employers can use some of the best practices and expert tips. The major concern is to improve recruitment efficiency and hire the best candidates for a job.

How to overcome the top recruitment challenges? 
Job seekers enjoy access to several job openings on various online job portals. Employers have adopted many new trending recruitment practices like targeted job marketing, strategic use of career site and career blog. Candidates have to fulfil job requirements along with a promising employee nature. Job advertisements have also changed the face of recruitment, with many online job portals like TrustLogics, helping employers network and communicate with verified and filtered candidates. The responses on online job boards are sometimes irrelevant. Recruiters take time to identify potential candidates according to the job requirements. Striking the right chord for attracting the right job candidates is one of the many challenged employers face during the hiring process. But the main question is, what exactly is holding back a productive and successful digital recruitment? Find out top recruiting challenges and their solutions below:

1.Challenge: Shortage of qualified candidates
Do employers sometimes wonder if they are setting unrealistic expectations for job applicants? But the importance of attracting the right job candidates is crucial for recruitment. Having a target generated job marketing strategy is important to satisfy job requirements. Job advertisements must focus on quality more than quantity.

Solution: target qualified professionals and focus on value-added tasks to save time and cost.

2.Challenge: Lesser reach
Recruiters always find it difficult to attract potential candidates in a short span of time.

Solution: Employers must make smart use of career site and career blog. Consistent job advertisements and keeping job seekers informed about new job openings is important.

3.Challenge: No consistent communication
Online job portals lack instant communication tools between job seekers and recruiters. Interacting with candidates is important for employer branding strategy.

Solution: TrustLogics brings an opportunity for employers to interact and network with verified candidates. This online portal does a background verification of candidates before employers can interact with them.

4.Challenge: Weak online job descriptions
Recruiters must engage the right candidates with clear and well-addressed job requirements.

Solution: Recruiters can use effective keywords on the career site and career blog.

5.Challenge: Prioritising potential candidates
HR managers need to find the perfect candidate for the job role.

Solution: Using powerful job marketing tools and diversifying resources can help recruiters meet the right candidates.

In the year 2020, job portals have sparked a new online wave of recruitment. Many digital recruiting tools have also come into action in the past year and a half. Making important changes can help employers build a strong digital recruitment pipeline.

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