Top 5 tips to overcome career plateaus successfully

overcome career plateaus

A career plateau refers to a state in the business where everything is going without issues, with no trace of major crises to solve, fires to extinguish; and at the same time, there is the absence of fresh opportunities, or risks to be taken. A status quo is prevalent during a career   plateau.

The career plateau can be easily overcome by taking a closer look at the responsibilities instead of simply closing them off.

The following are a few tips in overcoming the career plateaus! 

Deal with your inner critic
When you come across a task but your mind says that you cannot do it, critiquing its difficulty or the lack of skill or the ability to be able to actually perform the task, could be your inner critic dominating. The best way of handling this critic is by asking yourself a few questions which would weigh more on the positive side than on the negative. Dealing with your inner critic will not only help you overcome your career plateau but will also help in career planning and development and would take you further in the process of recruiting and employment.

Let the past remain there
Banking on your past experiences could be a fallacy. Yes, an unsuccessful or disappointing experience of the past could drive you to assume that success is not achievable. However, these assumptions are generally misleading. In situations like these, you can always look for the bigger picture. The key to overcoming this career plateau is to reframe the thought process. A career guidance or seeking career counseling to be able to overcome past failures could also help.

Strategize your way out
Strategizing and planning will help you determine the importance and priority levels of all the tasks at hand. If a certain task is really necessary for the better running of the business, your planning stage will help you prioritise it. It will also put all the things into the system and will result in a more effective and efficient system of internal control. Therefore, one of the best ways of overcoming a career plateau is by strategizing your way out of it!

Back up your assumptions with strong facts
There is a phenomenon called “confirmation bias”, which makes assumptions quite a dangerous proposition to be had. Confirmation bias refers to a situation where usually people are inclined to perceiving readily available data that aligns with something they already believed to be true. Confirmation bias affects the way people look at the political information.

For example, a person usually prefers to spend more time looking at information which supports their belief while neglecting information that contradicts their belief.

If you are a victim of confirmation bias, you have got some serious thought process reframing to do! Make sure you base your assumptions on facts and not on mere opinions.

Try to remain ideal
If you are truly willing to go through the sacrifices required to be made in order to achieve your dreams then, making your dreams come true is not the big question. You need to ask yourself if you are ready to invest the amount of time and other resources that will be required to make something happen. If you require a certain amount of capital investment to take your business to the next level and if it will call for a drastic change in your daily budget then you may simply opt to maintain your business at the current level. Do not take leaps based on your gut. Back your decisions with planning and research!

So there you have it! The top five ways out of your career plateaus! 

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All the best!

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