TrustLogics Inks MoU To Form Partnership With Canter Cadd

Hyderabad, India –– TrustLogics today signed a major Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to form a partnership with Canter Cadd, an India-based leader in imparting CAD (Computer-aided Design) technology training and placing qualified students in global organisations. Srinivas Gupta, CEO of TrustLogics, and Rahul Katta, CEO of Canter Cadd, signed the agreement in Hyderabad, where Canter Cadd’s main office is located.

“With the signing of this partnership, both companies can now make important strides forward. Once TrustLogics’ first centre is established in India, aspiring and unemployed youth will certainly benefit from more opportunities to get training from Canter Cadd, and be able to leverage the advantages afforded by TrustLogics platform to get placed in the IT sector,” said Srinivas Gupta. Over the past few months, TrustLogics has not only expanded its presence to eight countries, but also received five national and two international awards for its innovative tech solution to inefficiencies in the global recruitment process.

In response, Rahul Katta said that Canter Cadd has trained more than one lakh unemployed so far in civil, design, and project management software. “Every year, 25,000 people undergo training at more than 70 Canter Cadd branches across India. Our partnership with TrustLogics would go a long way in creating further employment opportunities for them,” he added.

Once they finish their CAD training course at Canter Cad centres, students can register on the TrustLogics platform, create their unique profiles, privately network with recruiters, and apply for jobs in organizations who are involved in their primary area of interest. TrustLogics has also tied up with well-reputed training institutions in several different countries to provide the provide the same sort of service.

As per the MoU, the TrustLogics platform will be introduced in all Canter Cadd branches by April 2019.

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