TrustLogics Inks MoU with Republic of Guinea’s Government

TrustLogics is honoured to reveal the inking of a collaborative deal with the Republic of Guinea. Srinivas Dubba, CEO of TrustLogics, and Mr. Albert Damantang Camara, Republic of Guinea’s Minister of Employment, signed an MoU to seal this strategic partnership.

The MoU revolves around the idea of integrating Republic of Guinea’s workforce on to the TrustLogics platform for any future employment and hiring considerations. During the next few months, TrustLogics and the Guinean government will be working closely to create a long-term sustainable plan for the country’s youth to compete with its global rivals on an equal footing. This objective is being pursued by establishing an effective framework and implementing fundamental principles.

In 2016, Republic of Guinea registered an unemployment rate of 6.85%.

According to 2016 World Bank estimates, Guinea is home to a population of 12.6 million, and an unemployment rate of 6.85% (down from an all-time high of 6.98% in 2013). The country is gradually rebuilding itself from the twin shocks of an Ebola outbreak and a drastic fall in commodity prices.

With the signing of this MoU, the TrustLogics platform helps the Guinea’s government achieve its objectives by: pooling up the resources of its various ministries; improve the quality and quantity of its employment data with respect to most industry sectors; and establishing an analytics-driven approach through superior communication channels.

By shining the spotlight on various shortfalls and deficiencies of its recruitment industry, Guinea and TrustLogics will be perfectly placed to implement effective solutions. Through this strategic partnership, Republic of Guinea will become the first African country to embrace cutting-edge technology to streamline its hiring and staffing processes.

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