TrustLogics signs MoU with the Government of Republic of Suriname

TrustLogics recently took a vital step forward in realizing its vision of creating a global verified information highway for the staffing and recruitment industry. After holding several rounds of exploratory talks with relevant government officials, TrustLogics is excited to announce that it has signed an MoU with the Republic of Suriname. This agreement aims to leverage the technological capabilities of TrustLogics to improve the availability of cutting-edge employment analytics for a wide range of industries in Suriname.

As per the MoU, TrustLogics will be contributing the tech solution as well as the relevant support necessary for successful integration with the employment ecosystem of Suriname. As far as the integration process is concerned, it has been decided that jobseekers and students can begin conducting basic operations on the TrustLogics platform for free.

On the other hand, the Suriname government will boost local adoption of the platform by leveraging its Labour and Education departments. Effective communication channels will either be set-up or harnessed to boost awareness, encourage adoption, and drive registration among government entities and businesses in the country.

Suitable plans for improving the performance of current recruitment processes, and the provision of equal and fair employment opportunities for all will be formulated and implemented. At the same time, inefficiencies like high recruitment costs and long delays in hiring will be eliminated.

The overall mission of this alliance is to boost the economic development of Suriname by lowering the unemployment rate, thus helping streamline its workforce industry.

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