TrustLogics  The Next Stage in the Evolution of Global Recruitment

The global professional recruitment industry is valued at $428 billion while the market for self-employed or individual service providers is simply too unorganized and informal to account for [1].

 Job-hunters are constantly on the prowl to get a job, something substantial so that their livelihood is stable and can be improved.

Unfortunately, the major professional networking and service websites are failing them by not verifying or securely maintaining professional data.

So the dedicated team at TrustLogics is out to provide a one-stop solution.

Flooded with Applications

As a recruiter, you are constantly sorting through random or irrelevant applications provided by job portals or staffing agencies. You are forced to sift through them one by one with the hope of stumbling onto a few great candidates.

On quite a few occasions, you end up settling for sub-par candidates due to a lack of a highly qualified talent pool on a portal, inadequately experienced candidates, or the sheer frustration of being stuck in a long-drawn-out, slog-like search process.

Fake Résumés

Long before our present era of fake news came to be, fake résumés or professional credentials have been negatively affecting the global hiring industry.

To stay one step ahead in the desperate rat race of getting a decent job, job-seekers are going to extraordinary lengths to ‘artificially’ enhance their achievements, skills, certifications, educational qualifications, etc.

Some of the biggest job portals on the Internet rarely do anything to verify or validate the bold claims of most job-seekers.

The major responsibility of ensuring that a candidate is really what she/he claims to be lies with the already frustrated recruiters, who end up turning to iffy third-party background verification services quite frequently.

The Dilemma of Plentiful Choice

If you are a job-seeker or a recruiter, which job-portal do you swear by? Naturally, most tend to stick to the biggest ones. But what if your particular sector or geographical region is better served by a different platform?

Unfortunately, the age of the Internet has given birth to the problem of too much choice. While looking for a job, you are confronted by at least half a dozen massive job portals which operate across the world. The big ones are further supplemented by a pack of others who are all holding their own because of slightly differing features and options.

So which platform do you optimize for?

Most of these platforms are basically walled gardens that don’t allow job-seekers to export or share their profile and reputation to external users.

So one would have to create, optimize, maintain and be active on several different platforms so as to not miss out on that all-elusive ideal job opportunity.

How long can you possibly keep up with this?

No Trusting the Service Providers

Let us spare a thought for the oft-forgotten self-employed or individual service providers.

They don’t really feel comfortable and look out of place on the major professional platforms. And even the numerous job portals that tend to specialize in individual service listings require investment in terms of ideal ad placement and optimization.

Service requestors tend to eye them suspiciously due to a lack of background verification. In fact, this is one of the biggest reasons why service websites, the middle-men in this sordid affair, exist.

Oh, by the way, did I mention that service websites will set you back 30–40% more than when you contact an individual service provider directly?

The unorganized nature of this marketplace has led to the centralization of power to a few middle-men which results in service providers scraping for any odd job interspersed by long spells of idle time.

The Breaking Point

It is obvious that the status quo in the recruitment industry, for what it’s worth, cannot be allowed to exist any longer.

While the rest of the world is harnessing innovative technology to solve some of the simplest problems, recruiters and job-seekers are still abiding by processes which are outdated, inefficient, and unfair for the many, not the few.

Solution: TrustLogics

This is why TrustLogics, backed by a dedicated group of professionals, has decided to offer a better alternative for the recruitment industry.

TrustLogics is a patent-pending disruptive platform where job-seekers, individual service providers and recruiters can get in touch with each other while maintaining complete control and security over their verified data.

With 50,000 active users and counting, the platform is growing at a rapid pace. Recently, we announced the signing of an MoU with the government of the Republic of Suriname [2]. The aim of this agreement is to improve the job hiring and recruiting processes for all the job seekers and students of Suriname.

This platform will be further developed on a hybrid blockchain foundation (Ethereum and Hyperledger) to ensure complete transparency and security of verified professional data.

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